a resource for peace, justice and environmental activism in Coast Salish Lands

Current Projects:

Solar Energy PPAs on Government Buildings

Old Projects:

Mapping Sustainability

Putting pressure on BC’s Climate Criminals.

“One Less” campaigns are short projects designed to set an example of positive change and produce a track record of success. One Less Hummer convinced the BC Cancer Foundation to stop promoting large SUVs. One Less Bag will convince Mountain Equipment Coop to stop encouraging the use of disposable plastic bags. One Less Empty Car is a web recourse to facilitate ride sharing in B.C. One Less Large Car encourages car rental agencies to stop aggressively upselling to more pollution.

Another¬† successful “one less” campaign! Vancity Visa has stopped promoting gasoline consumption.¬† One Less Gasoline Promotion changed their mind.

The Drivers Endangering Bicyclists (D.E.B.) database is used to track drivers who engage in dangerous and/or illegal activity around cyclists and bike routes.

We have put up a web page promoting New York City Critical Mass because some pro-pollution, anti-breathing politicians in New York city think that this should be illegal.

The Vancouver Renewable Energy Cooperative is a new organization bringing affordable, sustainable energy to people in BC.

Our new film fund has helped support ParaDocs Productions

The Bullets for Occupation campaign helped stop a Canadian company from supplying bullets to occupation forces in Iraq

Boycott – Boycotting U.S. Companies that supported the war against Iraq. Residents of Vancouver, BC are starting a campaign to boycott the “Axis of Weasels

Support the Bellingham DU 3 – Support a woman that was arrested for attempting to educate US military recruits about the dangers of DU

FTAA:Hunger Strike Against the FTAA

Anti-War Organizing – Seeking Justice not Vengeance for the 9/11 attacks.

PWCs on Lake Whatcom?

Stop SE-2: Stop this unnecessary plant that will increase air pollution in an already sensitive area. For more info visit: http://www.se2-gasp.org

Cancel Third World Debt: Forgiving the debt of the world’s poorest nations would save many lives. For more info visit our debt relief page.

Stop Racism: Racism rears it ugly head in Whatcom county. For more information on what you can do visit: Whatcom Human Rights Task Force

Global Warming: Alternate Views to Robert C. Balling, Jr. Lecture

Upcoming events in Bellingham, WA: Check out the Whatcom Environmental-Political Calendar and the revolutionz.org Calendar and Critical Mass Bellingham

Compiled by Westcoast Treehugger